I cloned my win7 ultimate system to an SSD,and have problem,help me!



So I cloned my win 7 ultimate to an ssd,and my surfer eq (v.1.2.6.) is telling me (after 2 days) my trial has expired.
I’ve tried to delete everything from registry,but same.I cannot activate again.What to do?


Hi Benjamin,

Just run the SurferEQ installer to authorize your machine and you’ll be good to go.

Because authorizations are uniquely generated for each machine, simply cloning your Windows drive won’t work as the existing license is only compatible with the machine SurferEQ was originally installed and authorized.

If you’re still experiencing troubles, just shoot us an email to support and we’ll be happy to help!




Thank you! Can I ask,if I want to do a clean install,is it enough to uninstall the product,or are there any regedit files I can delete?


No registry changes needed.

As a rule of thumb deauthorizing product when changing hardware is a good practice even if not required by all products.