Auto Align 2 question - leave on?


After using it on my drum tracks, should I render the tracks, so the plug ins can be gone, or leave on?



Hi Mark,
Thank you for raising this question.

As with alignment itself, there is no “one fits all” answer :slight_smile:

With rendering you’ll have benefit of:

  • make project/session more interchangeable (or if needed to be exported across DAWs)
  • removes AA2 latency

This (or freeze which is revertible) can be useful if you plan on tracking additional performers.

You’ll loose the benefit of applying the phase correction/alignment on additional material (for example, if you aligned during tracking and comping later).

CPU wise,
Auto-Align 2 is using the CPU extensively only during alignment processed. for aligned content it’s very light on CPU.

Hope this answers you question.

Thank you.