AA2 muting audio on playback

During playback, recorded audio with AA2 engaged will suddenly disappear as if the tracks were muted all at once. (Maybe 28 seconds into playback). The files are there, the waveforms are present, Everything recorded as it should. If I turn off AA2 during playback, the audio is fine and plays normally. I’ve got 9 tracks of drums that I’m using AA2 on. I am using the trial version. Makes me skeptical about using the paid version! Anyone have this issue?
Mac 11.7.1 Logic Pro 10.7.2

Hi @roundsoundcymbals,

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about this issue.

We haven’t had any similar reports so far.
I just sent you an email from our Support desk, please reply, and we’ll do our best to solve this issue as quickly as possible.