32 Lives 2.0 Trial = volume disappears in Logic X?

Hey, I just downloaded, installed and tried out the trial of 32 Lives 2.0 and I’m planning on buying it. But I just wanted to ask and make sure… is it the trial version that makes the volume disappear in the DAW during playback or what is happening over here?

If it is the trial/beta version then it’s all good but I can’t find any information about the “side effects” of the trial version. The volume disappears during both playback and bouncing. Thanks!

Hi @harju.markus,
The Trial/Demo version limitations are:

  • Fade in/out once a while. this is both - the UI and audio.
  • You can’t save parameters, meaning it WILL load older session settings. but it won’t save any tweaks you’ll make with 32 Lives but will keep it with the original state.

Feel free to contact our support if you have any questions or need help.