Auto-Align Post on Drum Overheads?

Has anyone tried AAP on drum overheads in comparison to regular AA? Downloaded the trial, but it expired on me before I could properly evaluate it

Yes, in fact I just used it to align a whole album worth of drumtracks.
Mostly aligning the close mics (toms, snare, kick) to the overheads.
The drums where heavily out of phase before, so the difference was quite big.
Also used it on the multiple guitar mics & reamped and DI bass tracks.
Worked great in my opinion, I was using the Static mode.


If you need to test it just write our support and we’ll extend your trial license! :slight_smile:

I’m a Studio One user so I was going to buy Auto Align. I heard that Auto Align post is going to soon be available for S1. I mainly want to use this for drum and guitar phasing issues. Would Post work well for this or should I purchase the other Auto Align for drums?

Hi @Fjordan21,
Auto-Align has only Static adjustments which are more common for stationary situations (like recording with multi-microphone setup in a studio).

Auto-Align Post has both Static (which is similar to the regular Auto-Align) and Dynamic mode, more useful for dialogue and situations when the recorded (actor…) element is moving.

Auto-Align Post has just been released as Public Beta with ARA support here:

It works with Studio One 4.5 or newer in ARA mode/workflow.
Auto-Align Post can be used with Static mode and produce similar results to Auto-Align.

Let us know if you have more questions.